What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of solutions related to business optimization and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbot Development and Integration

 Is your customer support overwhelmed by peak hours or lacks the database for correct answers? We develop and integrate AI-powered chatbots into client websites or applications. In addition to the cost savings on customer support resources, this solution addresses the need for instant customer support, reduces response times, gives consistant brand messaging to customers, and improves customers experience.

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Our projects include users, inputs, outputs, and interfaces. We identify in our Statement of Work; documentation collection, data mining and extraction, text summarization, and industry identification markers. Identifying opportunities and building on overall business objectives is the focus of our consultation and strategic planning.

 Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions

We build NLP models to analyze and understand unstructured data, such as customer feedback or social media posts. We extract actionable insights from vast amounts of textual data, automate sentiment analysis, and improve customer understanding. As a result you have enhanced decision-making, targeted marketing campaigns, and improved customer satisfaction through personalized interactions.

We complete Language Processing projects like chatbots, virtual agents and assistants, decision management, process automation, text analytics and others. We design solutions that extract industry specific knowledge responses and data scrubbing for client's required interfaces. These projects offer greater financial return immediately upon implementation. 

What Products Do You Offer?

For our customers we offer guides, books and training materials.  These are available on our educational website.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact our customer service team by phone  or by email.

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